The heart of the Bicycle Coalition of Maine is a hard-working, fun-loving, and dynamic staff that works collaboratively on education and advocacy efforts to improve walking and biking conditions across the state! We share our gender pronouns because we do not want to assume another person’s gender.
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Jean Sideris (she/her)
Executive Director

Jean enjoys biking, hiking, skiing, and the many other ways to take advantage of Maine’s outdoor wonders.  A lifetime environmental and civil engagement advocate, she has spent her career in non-profits advocating for effective solutions to our most pressing issues and is eager to help shape a path to making biking and walking safer for all Mainers. Jean has an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a master’s in Journalism from Northeastern University. She grew up in Colorado, moved to Massachusetts after college, and eventually made her way up to Maine in 2016.
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Dan Bassett (he/him)
Education Director

Growing up in neighboring New Hampshire, Dan has been exploring on two wheels since he was young. An avid cyclist with a particular fondness of riding in the dirt, he is passionate about getting more people on bikes, having fun, and being safe. Dan is a PMBIA Level 2 Instructor and holds a M.S. in Environmental Education from Antioch University New England. After living in the Pacific Northwest for nearly a decade, he and his family are excited to call Maine their home.
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Travis Clough (he/they)
Office Manager

Travis grew up in Bucksport, Maine, and fell in love with cycling after he moved to Boston and discovered the joys and efficiency of year-round bicycle commuting. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 2013 and found work leading bike tours of the city. Eventually he would go on to guide overnight trips for Gladys Bikes and the LGBTQ Community. Travis moved back to Maine in 2019 and is excited to support the work of the BCM in making Maine a safe place for cyclists and pedestrians alike. 
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Erik daSilva (he/him)
Associate Education Director

Erik found his love for two wheels at a young age and has never looked back—to bike is to live! He has been coordinating the Maine Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Education Program since 2012 and looks forward to a Maine where every driver, walker, and bicyclist has mutual awareness and respect for one another. In addition to being an avid cyclist, Erik has a BS in Engineering, an MS in Education, is a League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor, and an IMBA Level I-certified mountain bike instructor. He and his family live on the confluence of the Penobscot and Stillwater Rivers in Orono.
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Thomas Hargrave (he/him)
Ride and Events Manager

Originally from the West Coast, Thomas has been using bikes to put a smile on his face since grade school.  After graduating from Humboldt State University he moved to Japan to pursue language and movement training.  On return back to the west coast he pursued masters work in Japan Area studies and Linguistics at the University of Hawaii.  He brings with him a diversity of recreational experience ranging from culturally based movement training to ocean education.  While living in the Pacific Northwest he invested his time in Mountain Bike Education, but is a bush wacky fat biker at heart.  When he is not riding he is often working in the garden, with wood, or finding ways to cook and preserve food with smoke and fire.  He is looking forward to his new role at the Bicycle Coalition of Maine where he hopes to bring folks together at events and enjoy the natural wonders that Maine holds for its riders.
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Dan Knowles (he/him)
Accounting Manager

Dan grew up in Ellsworth, Maine, and spent much of his time in and around Acadia National Park, kayaking, hiking, and biking all that the region has to offer.  He is a Maine CPA who brings extensive experience with non-profits and accounting software to the Coalition.  He volunteers time as Treasurer of Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary (Birdsacre) in Ellsworth, and enjoys helping his lovely wife raise three boys during the time he’s not sneaking off to play bass in a local band.
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Emily Lozeau (she/her)
Event Manager

Originally from Massachusetts, Emily found her way to Portland in 2019 by way of Vermont, Wyoming, and Washington. She has dabbled in coordinating everything and everyone from volunteers to fish, which has helped her tremendously with her role at the Coalition. Emily’s fondest biking memory is when she decided it would be a grand idea to tour the Pacific Coast Highway for a month, without ever having put a pannier on her bike before (it went well)! She loves sandy beaches, teaching her cockatiel tricks, rummaging around flea markets, curling, and bowling. 
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Anne Marisic (she/her)
Partnerships & Communications Manager

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Antonina Pelletier
Development Manager

Antonina grew up along the Maine coast hiking, biking, and riding horses. After college and a few years away, she returned to the Portland area with her husband to raise their three kids and assorted pets. She is passionate about Maine’s environment, ocean, and people. A veteran tai
chi practitioner, and committed cook, Antonina is involved with public radio, Yarmouth’s Aging in Place, and Working Waterfront advocacy. She brings long experience with nonprofits along with a delight in bike riding, and a belief in safe roads to her position at the BCM.

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Jim Tassé (he/him)
Assistant Director

Jim joined the Coalition in 2010 as the education director, and became assistant director in August 2014. In that time, he has expanded the education program run in partnership with the MaineDOT and brought mountain biking back into the Coalition’s programming. He developed and launched the Community Spokes advocacy program as well as the Coalition’s innovative demonstration project campaign, “Imagine People Here.” He is a League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor (LCI, #1308), an IMBA Level I-certified mountain bike instructor and trail designer, and a graduate of the Lift360 Community Leadership Intensive.

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