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131st Legislature

The 131st Legislative Session has come to an end, and it was a busy period for our advocacy team! Of the more than 2,000 bills, about 50 were related to biking, walking, and related transportation. We monitored them all and provided testimony on dozens of different pieces of legislation. We worked with community members, local and state governments, and legislators to advocate for the passage of laws that protect cyclist and pedestrian rights and access, and increase safety through infrastructure improvements, education, and awareness.

The BCM’s role at the Legislature was to raise the profile of bike/ped safety and access issues, and to stop legislation that would not make Maine better for bicycling and walking. We were watchdogs, advocates, and influencers. Below you will find an overview of the priority legislation we covered, the testimony we submitted, and the current status of the bills. 

State Legislative Resources 


BCM Priority Legislation

LD Title Status Topics BCM Testimony
Speed Limits at Construction Sites WIN – Gov Signed Safety, Infrastructure
Berlin Subdivision Rail Corridor LOSS – Bill is Dead Trails, Rail
Storm Water Management Exemption for Trails WIN – Gov Signed Trails, Environment 
Electric Bike Rebate Program WIN – Gov Signed Access, Environment  BCM Testimony on 256
Mountain Division Line WIN – Gov Signed Trails, Rail
Bike-Ped Zones with Reduced Speed Limits DRAW – Tabled Safety, Infrastructure
Provide Traffic Safety Education in Schools LOSS – Bill Did Not Pass – Committee Asked for Further Report – Chance of Revival Education, Safety
Traffic Cameras for School and Work Zones LOSS – Bill is Dead Education, Safety, Infrastructure
Maine Trails Bond DRAW – Bill Carried Over Trails, Rail, Environment
Registration of Motorized Bicycles, Tricycles, and Scooters WIN – Bill is Dead – BCM Opposed Safety
Mountain Division Line Funding WIN – OTP Special Appropriations Table Trails, Rail
Delaware Stop LOSS – Bill is Dead Safety
Set Certain Lower Motor Vehicle Speed Limits LOSS – Bill is Dead Safety, Infrastructure
Regulate the Operation of Micromobility Devices LOSS – Bill is Dead Access
Bicycle and pedestrian advocacy touches on a range of topics, below are links to the primary areas that fall under our legislative purview.
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